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Room 3c 2011- Mrs DuncanWe had an exciting morning this morning! Mrs Warburton came into our room and we all made lemonade together. Here are our thoughts about what we did!
I liked my lemonade juice because I got to squeeze it. Kayla
My lemonade juice was sweet as sweet. Kimberley
My lemonade was juicy. Victoria
I liked the lemonade juice because it was very juicy. Lorelei
I liked my lemonade because it is sweet and juicy and a little bit sour. Tamzin
I liked my lemonade because it was sweet. Brenda
I squeezed the lemonade juice and then I poured it into thejug. Shalise
I liked to squeeze the lemonade juice into the bowl.Varshith
I picked the lemonades and put them into the bucket. Johnny
I carried the bucket of lemonades with Johnny. Braetyn
I liked to drink the lemonade. I liked the lemonade becauseit was juicy. Bruce
I liked the lemonade juice because it was orangey. Kaizad
I liked the lemonade juice because it was sour. Maddison
I liked to drink the lemonade, it tasted sweet. Natisha
It was fun making the lemonade juice. Caleb
It was so awesome making the juice. I had to hold the lemon-squeezer and twist the lemonade around. Ethan
I didn’t like the sour juice so I didn’t drink it. Ava
I like making the juice. Morgan
I liked the lemonade because it was yummy. Sam
I loved the juice because it was yum. Zeina

We are learning to . . . Be Firewise


The 3c Team We enjoy choosing time and when we have choosing time we are learning to share and take turns and also to get good ideas off each other.Here are some choosing time photos to enjoy.

The Teddy Bear's PicnicIf you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surpriseIf you go down to the woods today you'd better go in disguise.For every bear that ever there waswill gather there for certain because. . .today's the day these teddy bears have their picnic!!